XCP SPEP 2014 Preview

This week we’ll be doing some SPEP preview posts–post about panels XCP members and friends are participating in, and panels and programs that might be of interest to people who read this blog.

I’m going to kick things off with a “SPEP Preview.” Inspired by SoundingOut!’s previews of IASPM-US (Int’l Assn. for the Study of Popular Music-US Branch) and other conferences, I wanted to compile a guide to the panels and papers on the program that I think reflect all or some aspects of the XCP approach to SPEP “style” (as Steinbock put it in his Director’s Address last year) philosophy. Please don’t read too much into this assessment; don’t assume that these people identify with, read, or even like XCP. It’s really just me reading paper titles and knowing specific scholars and the kind of work they do and suggesting that people who like XCP-style work will probably also find this work interesting. If there are any omissions, it’s because of my ignorance. And again, this isn’t a list of what I like, but what work I think fits with the XCP Manifesto. (It would be awesome if SPEP would publish a PDF of paper/panel abstracts; they wouldn’t need to print it up ($$$), but it would be really helpful to have abstracts especially when I have to choose between two panels I really want to go to.)

If you do want to read anything into this list, it should be that XCP approaches to SPEP style philosophy are not marginal, but a vibrant part of the field that is pretty well-represented on the program.

Thursday Afternoon 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Session 1: Levinas and the Postcolonial: Race, Nation, Other Cabildo  (Edinburgh Press) Moderator: Claire Katz, Texas A&M University Speaker: Kris Sealey, Fairfield University  Speaker: Sonia Sikka, University of Ottowa Respondent: John E. Drabinski, Amherst College

Session 2: Sovereign Masculinity: Gender Lessons from the War on Terror Pontalba (Oxford University Press)

Moderator: Emanuela Bianchi, New York University

Speaker: Ellen Feder, American University

Speaker: Verena Erlenbusch, University of Memphis

Respondent: Bonnie Mann, University of Oregon


Session 10: Roundtable Discussion:  Vieux Carré A Intersectionality: Why Race and Gender Still Matter

Moderator: Lisa Yount, Savannah State University

Speaker: Jennifer Scuro, College of New Rochelle

Speaker: Namita Goswami, Indiana State University

Speaker: Maeve O’Donovan, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Speaker: Jeanine Weekes Schroer, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Speaker: Melissa Kozman, University of Wisconsin, Barron County

Speaker: Heather Rakes, DePaul University


Thursday 3:13-5:45

Session 2: Solitary Confinement: Social Death and its Afterlives  Pontalba (Minnesota University Press)

Moderator: Jennifer Hansen, Saint Lawrence University

Speaker: Andrew Dilts, Loyola Marymount University

Speaker: Joy James, Williams College

Respondent: Lisa Guenther, Vanderbilt University


Session 6: Committee on the Status of Women

Pelican II Moderator: Mariana Ortega, John Carroll University

“Art and Politics: Staging a Conversation between Feminist Aesthetics and Rancière,” Tina Chanter, Kingston University London

“The New Artemis Figure and Feminist Aesthetics of Ambiguity,” Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

“Reconfiguring Necromancy: An Aesthetics of the Rightless,” Cecilia Sjöholm, Södertörn University

“The Recuperative and the Negative: Adorno, Kristeva, Sedgwick,” Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, University at Buffalo


Session 8: Pelican IBeyond the Living: Curious Methods and Undeniable Others in Derrida’s Late Lectures

Moderator: James Winchester, Georgia College and State University

“Derrida Beyond the Living: Objects, Materiality, and Singularity at the End of The World,” Rick Elmore, Colby College

“Derrida on Curiosity: Animality and the Limits of Language,” Perry Zurn, DePaul University

“Denying the Undeniable in Derrida’s Later Writings,” Peter Gratton, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Session 10: De-stabilizing the Subject: Queer Politics of Affect and Embodiment

Poydras Moderator: Gayle Salamon, Princeton University

“The Paradox of Politicized Shame,” Amanda Holmes, Villanova University

“Body Modification and the Subjective Experience,” Sean Bray, Villanova University

“Transgressive Repetition: Disrupting Gender Through Racial Masquerading,” Jasmine Wallace, Villanova University


Session 11: Advocacy Committee

Vieux Carré A Roundtable Discussion: New Media, Social Networks, and Philosophy

Moderator: John Protevi, Louisiana State University

Speaker: Christopher P. Long, Pennsylvania State University

Speaker: Robin James, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Speaker: Jill Stauffer, Haverford College

Speaker: Patrick Whitehead, University of West Georgia


Friday 9-10:45

Session 10: Nietzsche and Post-Colonialism  Vieux Carré A

Moderator: Jean Godefroy Bidima, Tulane University

“The Overcoming of Man: Nietzsche, Caribbean Philosophy, and the Creative (R)Evolution of Human Being,” Stephen D. Seely, Rutgers University, Graduate Student Award Honorable Mention

“Liberation and Colonialism in Nietzsche’s Dawn,” Rebecca Bamford, Quinnipiac University


Session 11: Challenging Equity: Gender, Race, and Education Policy  Vieux Carré B Moderator: Sina Kramer, Loyola Marymount University

“The Paradox of Title IX: When Liability Eclipses Advocacy,” Shannon Lundeen, Case Western Reserve University

“Indefinite Busing: School Desegregation at the Intersection of Sovereignty, Biopower, and Critical Race Theory,” Gordon Hull, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Friday 11:00-12:45

Session 8: Denial, Genocide, and Founding Violence Acadian II

Moderator: Jason Read, University of Southern Maine

“Departures: On Genocide Denial and Necro-Politics,” Alfred Frankowski, Northeastern Illinois University


Friday 2:15-4:00

Session 8: Empathy, Intersubjectivity, and Transability Poydras

Moderator: Sharin Elkholy, University of Houston, Downtown

“‘He Drools Just Like His Brother’ or ‘Of The Limit From The Limit’ – Hegemonic Dispossession, Ethical Ambiguity, and Transability (Disability) in Beauvoir, Butler, and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson,” Joel Michael Reynolds, Emory University


Friday 4:15-5:30

Session 1: Glacial Time and Lonely Crowds: The Social Effects of Climate Vieux Carré A Change as Internet Spectacle

Moderator: Janet Donohoe, West Georgia University

Speaker: Margret Grebowicz, Goucher College

Commentator: Irene Klaver, University of North Texas


Session 6: I am (not) a Prostitute: Lessons in Sexual Politics from the “Comfort Cabildo   Women”

Moderator: Sarah LaChance Adams, University of Wisconsin-Superior

Speaker: Debra Bergoffen, George Mason University

Commentator: Ann Cahill, Elon University


Session 8: ‘One of the Black Boxes of our Life’: The Strange Return of History Les Continents of Madness in Foucault’s Anti-Prison Activism

Moderator: Timothy Engström, Rochester Institute of Technology

Speaker: Lynne Huffer, Emory University

Commentator: Ladelle McWhorter, University of Richmond


Saturday 9:00-11:45

Session 5: Scholar Session: Charles Mills Les Continents

Moderator: Erin Tarver, Oxford College of Emory University

Speaker: Shannon Sullivan, UNC Charlotte

Speaker: Derrick Darby, University of Michigan

Speaker: Kathryn Gines, Pennsylvania State University

Respondent: Charles Mills, Northwestern University


Session 9: Race, Sex, and Neoliberalism  Poydras

Moderator: Devonya Havis, Canisius College

“Foucauldian Reflections on Sex Work,” Chloë Taylor, University of Alberta

“Race and Assisted Reproduction in a Neo-Liberal Era,” Camisha Russell, University of California, Irvine

“Katrina FEMA Trailers, Not Occupy Tents: Racializing the Communist Turn,” Shannon Winnubst, Ohio State University


Saturday 1:30-4:15

Session 1: Scholar Session: Cynthia Willett Pelican II

Moderator: Stephen Watson, University of Notre Dame

Speaker: Ann Murphy, University of New Mexico

Speaker: Megan Craig, Stony Brook University

Respondent: Cynthia Willett, Emory University


Session 5: Cabildo Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee  Making Philosophy Uncomfortable: Diverse Theory and Praxis

Moderator: Jana McAuliffe, Marian University

“Ethnicity Beyond Biological and Cultural Diversity: A Middle Eastern Perspective,” Çiğdem Yazici, Koç University

“Africana Pluralism and the Future of Philosophy of Race,” Chike Jeffers, Dalhousie University “Diverse Practices, Diverse Practitioners: Philosophy, Identity, and Practices of Resistance,” Natalie Cisneros, Pennsylvania State University

“Insensitivity: Towards an Epistemology and Politics of Discomfort,” José Medina, Vanderbilt University


Session 6: LBGTQ Advocacy Committee Les Continents Queer Futurities: Thinking with José Esteban Muñoz

Moderator: Jami Weinstein, Linköping University

“Thinking with: Queer Collaborations,” Lisa Duggan, New York University

“To Venture Beyond: The Histories and Politics of the Imagination,” Roderick A. Ferguson, University of Minnesota

“Into the Wild with José E. Muñoz,” Jack Halberstam, University of Southern California

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