XCP Comment Policy

At XCP the authors of each post are responsible for moderating the comments on it. This means there will be some variation in comment moderation, but we all follow these guiding principles:

  1. Power matters. As the “toxic twitter feminism” debate showed, “safe space” rhetoric often polices and silences women of color. At the same time, calls to “openness” and “free expression” often sanction the abuse and harassment of underrepresented groups by members of the dominant group. So, there’s no guarantee of either “openness” or “safety.” Also, there’s no single, universal line between acceptable and unacceptable ‘tone’ or content or behavior. Comments will be moderated with power in mind.
  2. This is our space, and we get to decide what’s acceptable and unacceptable. Or, as the manifesto says, it’s not about you, it’s about us.
  3. Things that are clearly unacceptable: spam, comments that don’t have a point (e.g., pure trolling), comments that are concern-trolling, comments that don’t engage the post or subsequent discussion.

All commenters must have one comment approved by a moderator before they can post comments freely without pre-moderation. However, we will revoke that approval should commenter behavior become consistently troublesome.

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